A core principle of Apotheon Labs is that we respect enterprise security

We know that security is of the utmost importance to enterprise users, and that today, enterprise SaaS products often request too much access to your company's valuable data.

That's why all of Apotheon Labs' products are built to respect your company's data privacy and security needs. That means:

  • We request as minimal scopes as we can in order to make a feature workable, e.g. no "access to your entire Drive"
  • No contents from your files are ever saved
  • No user preferences are stored outside of G Suite
  • The only logging we have is anonymized, feature-level logging (e.g. "an anonymous user clicked on this button")
  • All payment handling (for the Premium tier) is done via Stripe, i.e. Apotheon Labs does not store any payment information

We are so serious about this commitment that we are more than happy to walk your company through the codebase of our product to show you exactly what's going on.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here and our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Superuser Tools (Google Slides add-on)

Here are all the third party libraries and resources that the Superuser Tools add-on calls:

  • Google Analytics (via Google Tag Manager) for anonymized feature-level logging
    • User IDs (in the form of email address) are hashed before logging, so nobody at Apotheon Labs ever knows which user corresponds to which feature interaction
  • Google Fonts for bringing in fonts to use in the UI
  • JQuery for frontend interactions
  • Spectrum for the color palette UI
  • Stripe for handling payments and subscriptions for the Premium tier