Superuser Tools (Google Slides Add-on)

The Slides add-on that makes every user a superuser

Let's face it: making beautiful Slides is not always easy.

How do professionals in consulting or marketing do it? With the help of the right tools.

This Slides add-on puts dozens of superuser features at your fingertips, so that you can more efficiently create pixel-perfect slides. Modeled after the kinds of Powerpoint plug-ins that large companies often offer internally, this add-on is jam-packed with different features big and small to help you create a deck that you'll be proud to present.

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Your data is kept private

This add-on requests access to the following scopes of data during the installation process:

  • Accessing the current Slides file when the add-on is open: this allows the add-on's features to actually work

    • Example: when you select two objects on the slide and click the "Same size" feature in the add-on, the add-on uses this scope

  • Calling third party services: third-party services invoked include:

    • Google Analytics: this stores anonymized usage data to help us debug and improve the add-on over time; no personally identifiable information is stored

    • Stripe: this powers the payment flow for users who wish to subscribe to the Premium tier of features

    • Various libraries of code which allow for smoother user interactions, e.g. one that creates the "color palette" color picker

  • Opening new dialog windows via the add-on: this allows the add-on to open dialog windows that provide more explanation or functionality from the add-on

    • Example: the font palette has "Help" information that shows up in a dialog window

    • Example: the Diagram Library opens up in a new dialog window

No contents from your Slides files ever leave Slides

There are two tiers of features for this add-on:

  • Basic offers over three dozen features in categories ranging from alignment to distribution to sizing to standardization - this tier is available to all users free of charge

  • Premium offers even more powerful features that save users even more time - users can sign up for a 21 day trial period, and subscriptions after that are $1 / user / month (initial period pricing); premium features include

    • Font palette - save certain fonts that you use often and apply them with a click of a button

    • Inserted objects - shortcuts to insert various helpful objects like a "sticky note", a footnotes section, Table of Contents, Harvey Balls, and more

    • (New!) Diagram library - a library of slide layouts and diagrams that can be inserted with one click

Examples of features in the Basic tier: