Send yourself an email with a swipe

Ever send yourself an email as a "note to self"? Try NōtoMe ("note to me"), a simple app where all you have to do is type a message and swipe. Made for those who value simplicity and efficiency, NōtoMe helps quickly offload a thought from your brain into your email inbox.

Free to try! A monthly subscription is available for those who enjoy the tool, offering up to 500 emails / month and the ability to set different emails for left vs right swipes - perfect for personal vs work emails.

The monthly subscription unlocks:

500 emails 

per month

More than enough for prolific "note to self"-ers

Different email addresses

for left vs right swipe

Perfect for work vs personal email

Advanced customizations,

like subject prefixes

Make your notes your own

Privacy policy

NōtoMe does not store the contents or subject lines of emails you send. We do have logs of the metadata of each email - including the recipient email address - for analytics and anti-spam purposes.

You do have to create an account with an email address to use NōtoMe. Currently, all payments are handled through the Apple App Store. We use a tool called RevenueCat to help us manage the relationship between the app and the App Store, but RevenueCat does not receive any users' email addresses or any information about sent emails.

NōtoMe will not sell your contact information.

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