Apotheon Labs

The mission of Apotheon Labs: enhancing productivity

At Apotheon Labs, we're passionate about helping users apply technology to make them more productivity, efficient, and happy. We especially love helping users of G Suite as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

We know that many users are coming to G Suite from Office, where they may have gotten used to a certain feature set. They may even have been "superusers" of those tools. Switching to G Suite can be daunting not only because of a gap in features, but also because it's a brand new set of tools to learn.

Apotheon Labs aims to bridge that gap. Our tools will help users become superusers, even if they weren't one previously.

Our first public product:

Superuser Tools, an add-on for Google Slides

We do custom dev work and consulting as well! Reach out to us at dev@apotheonlabs.com